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Regional Italian Food Products

In a magically diverse country like Italy, there are always new places and products to discover. From the snow-covered Alps to the enchanting islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the lakes and rivers to the hills and valleys, Italy has something for everyone.

The products you find in Italy are the fruit of man’s ability to transform agricultural resources into foods that are full of flavor. They are a symbol of both fantasy and practicality.

Here, we present a list of numerous regional Italian products, selected by Academia Barilla for their importance, specificity, place of origin or ingredients.

There is a wide selection of cheeses and salumi that demonstrate the differences in how products are made from town to town, or region to region. However, the list goes on. There are also extra virgin olive oils, breads, pasta, fish and shellfish, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, desserts and pastries. There are preserves, wines and liquors from all of the twenty regions in Italy.

These special products are a true blend of history, flavor and knowledge.