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The Ducal Park and the Palazzo del Giardino

Across the Parma stream and over the Verdi Bridge, you will arrive in the Ducal Park and the Palazzo del Giardino, or Garden Palace.

The Park was purchased by Ottavio Farnese in the second half of the 16th century and enlarged by Ranuccio II in 1690. 
Ranuccio added a lake and a small island in the center of the lake that supports the Parma Fountain, also called the Trianon that was taken from the Ducal Palace in Colorno. 

The park was “Frenchified” in the 18th century by the new Bourbon dukes. The new park was designed by Contant d’Ivry, the famous French landscapist, and by the architect of the Court of Petitot. 
A small temple was built to hold gatherings of Parma’s upper class.  They also added sculptures, statues and marble amphorae made by Jean Baptiste Boudard.

The Palazzo del Giardino, built between 1561 and 1564 by Vignola, was enlarged during the second half of the 18th century based on a Petitot design.
The major rooms of the Garden Palace are decorated with frescos by Agostino Carracci, Bertoja, Tiarini, Malosso, and Cignani.