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The Country Eating House


Table number 9 comes from "M. Buonaiuti, Italian scenery; representing the manners, customs, and amusements of the different states of Italy" with 32 color illustrations based on original designs by P. Van Lerbergh, published in London by Edward Orme in 1806. The etching was also published in the “Farmers Weekly” on January 1806. On the right, there is a classic brick kitchen with pots on the stove and people around a table raising a toast.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Data 1806
Disegno Peter Van Lerbergh (activeXVIII sec, end)
Edizione Edward Orme, London
Incisione James Godby (active 1790-1823)
Iscrizioni The Country Eating House – 9
Misure 265x357
Tecnica Color Lithograph