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Almanacco gastronomico: ricette, meditazioni, facezie, storielle culinarie, ecc. 1915

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Author: JARRO [PICCINI Giulio] (1849–1915) 
Title: Almanacco gastronomico: ricette, meditazioni, facezie, storielle culinarie, ecc.
(Gastronomic Almanac: recipes, reflections, witty remarks, and culinary stories.)
Language: Italian
City of Publication: Florence
Publisher: R. Benporad e Figlio
Printer: R. Benporad e Figlio
Date of Publication: 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914
Other Editions: Florence, R. Benporad e Figlio, 1912-1915; Accademia Italiana della Cucina, Delegazione di Volterra, anastatica Almanacco 1912, 2009.
Format: Standard Italian Format 16
Pages: I: 161; II: 197; III: XVI,174; IV: XVI, 141.
Category: Almanac
Subjects: Culinary Arts: Italy; Food Culture; Literature
Notes: Giulio Piccini, called Jarro (meaning “small cask” in Spanish), was born in Volterra in 1849 and died in Florence in 1915. He was a writer and cultured journalist. A close friend of D’Annunzio, contributor to “La Nazione,” curator of the critical editions of Dante Alighieri, Andrea Cavalcanti and Pietro Giordani, Piccini was also a theater critic, humorist and novelist. He was famous for his passion for good food and wrote numerous articles on gastronomy and collected many traditional Tuscan recipes. A gourmand and expert cook, he loved to dedicate and give his friends recipes that be made and perfected himself. He dedicated the Gastronomic Almanac, which was published for four years, from 1912 to his death, to his friends at Benporat.
BIBLIO: G. GELATI, Jarro, un umanista in cucina, Firenze, Piccola Biblioteca Sabatiniana,1974.