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Academia Barilla Cultural Events

Academia Barilla supports Italian gastronomic culture with a number of projects and incentives.

In addition to the work done by the Gastronomic Library, the publication of new books, the wide selection of culinary course offerings and the film award, we organize many cultural events at our Parma headquarters.

Food Stories: Academia Barilla Film Award, 5th edition

Food Stories: Academia Barilla Film Award, 5th edition.The Academia Barilla Film Award marks its 5th edition.
Parma, March 4th 2009.

Celebrating movie culture and food culture.
The relationship between man and food – the irreplaceable fuel of life – has defined both ages and cultures.

The relationship between man and film – in its own way a representation of life – is equally as profound and lasting.

Gusti d'Autore – April 2008

Gusti d'autoreParma is recognized as the capital of the Italian Food Valley due to its high-quality food products, excellent agriculture and extraordinary cultural, territorial, and technological patrimony. It is full of local flavor.

In honor of the city’s rich culinary offerings, the Comune di Parma and Academia Barilla have created “Gusti d'Autore” – three evenings of events with illustrious guests from the world of Italian gastronomy. 
The presentations will touch on history, new culinary trends and practical demonstrations held at the Academia Barilla headquarters.

Leggere di Gusto: Where books meet good food 2004 - 2005

Leggere di Gusto: Where books meet good food 2004 - 2005Academia Barilla, in collaboration with the Comune di Parma Library System, presents a series of exciting discussions of literature and gastronomic culture led by distinguished writers.

Each event is a unique experience in which the art of Italian gastronomy and literature join together.

Architettura del Piatto (Architecture of the Plate) – September 2004 

Architettura del Piatto (Architecture of the Plate) The Architettura del Piatto (Architecture of the Plate) is an exhibition of works from the Academia Barilla Gastronomic Library, held in the Galleria dell’Incoronata in Parma’s Palatina Library.
The exhibit includes depictions of everything from Renaissance banquets to abstract, futuristic innovations, to chef Antonin Carême’s culinary constructions and examples of more modern food design.
The works in the exhibit include books, engravings, catalogs and projects related to food as theater – to taste with your eyes and your mind.