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222 ways to enjoy pasta

The culinary publishing industry in Italy is expanding year to year and includes very large number of cookbooks, often re-releases of previous works or simple thematic recipe collections from larger cookbooks.
Academia Barilla, promoter Italian food culture throughout the world since 2004, has recently published a series of cookbooks based on 222 easy recipes. At first glance, this cookbook might be mistaken for one of the many editions on the market, however it differs from the others for at least two reasons.

The first of which is that the series was designed to spread knowledge of Italian cuisine abroad. The book has been translated into seven languages and is for sale in ten countries. It follows that the choice of recipes to be included in the book was made careful in order to highlight regional Italian cuisine made with healthy, high-quality ingredients that are also readily available outside Italy.
The second distinguishing factor is that each recipe, carefully selected by the chefs of Academia Barilla, has been tested, while the instructions and photographs have been corrected and adjusted to correspond to the recipes. Readers can, therefore, rest assured that the recipes work.

The first volume in the series, published in 2010, was an overview of Italian cuisine. The newest edition to the series is dedicated to pasta, which begins with a heartfelt page chef Carlo Cracco, one of the flag bearers of Italian cuisine. Chef Cracco recalls that the word "spaghetti” is Italian and not translatable into any other spoken language, an indication of the uniqueness of this product.
The recipes in the pasta cookbook vary between dry pasta (with endless variations and preparation, including baked and cold), fresh pasta, stuffed pasta, and even pasta that’s not really pasta, like gnocchi, canederli and passatelli made with something other than durum wheat. Many recipes are photographed "step by step" to demonstrate exactly how a certain Italian dish is prepared, including how to use your hands.
The book also includes a section on the history of pasta in Italy that maps out where and how it has been produced over the centuries because pasta is not only one of the “easy” dishes in Italian cuisine, but is also an ambassador of Italy’s history and culture.


ACADEMIA BARILLA, 222 Easy recipes of Italian Cuisine - Pasta

Preface by Carlo Cracco.
Text and photography by Academia Barilla.
Vercelli, White Star, 2011.

Edizioni White Star

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