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More pasta…

Italian food is love, sought after and imitated throughout the world due to its diversity of products and preparations. Italy is divided into twenty regions, each with its own history, landscape and climate. The culinary traditions of northern Italy are, therefore, very different from those of the south. However, wheat flour pasta is one ingredient that unites the country.

The history of pasta is quite fascinating and goes back hundreds of years. The ancient Romans and Etruscans used to prepare fresh pasta, while medieval records tell of dried pasta made in Sicily due to the island’s strong Jewish and Arab influenced. Pasta appears in Renaissance documents, literary works and other documents describing the birth of the first pasta factories in Liguria and Naples. Over the course of pasta’s long history in Italy, it has undergone changes based on taste and technology. Many books have been written by pasta makers, inventors and chefs specifically about the technology of pasta, from the presses to the dies.

With this book, Academia Barilla pays homage to Italy’s national dish. The book begins with introductions written by Guido, Luca and Paolo Barilla, as well as chefs Massimo Bottura and Scott Conant who describe their experiences preparing and eating pasta. What follows next is the history and technological developments of pasta, as well as a wide array of recipes for everything from semolina pasta and fresh egg pastas to stuffed pastas. The book also includes a useful guide to pairing pasta shapes with different types of sauces.

Filled with interesting historical facts about pasta’s role in Italian culture and unbeatable recipes, this book is truly a trip across a country rich in tradition and innovation, made of unforgettable flavors.


Pasta!, Vercelli, White Star, 2010.

Introduction by Guido, Luca e Paolo Barilla, Gianluigi Zenti, Massimo Bottura, Scott Conant.
Written by Academia Barilla. Photos by Chato Morandi.

Edizioni White Star - Vercelli

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