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Food history and culture of Le Marche

This is the first complete historical reconstruction of the food culture of the Le Marche region in central Italy. The book describes both popular rustic traditions and those of the aristocracy and middle classes, analyzing their interactions in both written and verbal forms.
The authors Ugo Bellesi, Ettore Franca and Tommaso Lucchetti, in addition to various specialists, attempt to reconstruct the sources of these regional traditions. There are illustrations of information collected during archeological digs, as well as historical and artistic studies. The book also includes prints from archives, libraries and private and public collections, creating a mosaic of documents presented together for the first time.
The first section of the work is a detailed look at the agrarian landscape, farmland and typical products. This is followed by a description of the local cuisine, including both simple dishes and more refined recipes from monasteries, the nobility and middle classes, documented in archives and books written by Antonio Latini, Antonio Nebbia and Cesare Tirabasso. This analysis reveals that there has always been a certain “fluidity” between the different classes and generations in Le Marche. The third part of the book is dedicated to images of the arts and conviviality.
This work is a useful bibliography, enriched with iconographic images as well as deep and complex cultural material about Le Marche.

Storia dell’alimentazione, della cultura gastronomica e dell’arte conviviale nelle Marche

Storia dell’alimentazione, della cultura gastronomica e dell’arte conviviale nelle Marche, Ancona, Il lavoro editoriale, 2009.

Ugo Bellesi – Ettore Franca – Tommaso Lucchetti

Published by Il lavoro editoriale

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