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Endless flavors of an ancient tradition

From the high peaks of the Alps and the cold, foggy planes of northern Italy, to the hot, dry areas inlands in the south, Italy is made up of an infinite number of climates and landscapes. This variation is seen also in Italian food, tied strongly to its place of origin and regional traditions. The diverse history and culture of each region – just think of the Austrian influence in the North and the Arab presence in Sicily – rooted the culinary traditions even deeper. Italy’s most famous and delicious dishes were created thanks to centuries of history and recipes passed down from generation to generation.

In order to fully discover Italian cuisine, it is necessary to travel through its various regions and taste the various flavors and aromas of this fertile land. As Chef Michael White points out, thanks to the variety of Italian cuisine and its incredible ingredients, we are able to find many quick and simple recipes that are full of flavor. Although many Italian recipes may call for long cooking times and complex preparations, there are even more regional recipes that are easy to make. Academia Barilla has selected, and tested, two hundred of the thousands of recipes in their Gastronomic Library, offering a cookbook filled with quick, traditional dishes made with regional products.

The result: a culinary trip across the Italian peninsula. The dishes are categorized based on a classic Italian lunch of appetizers (antipasti), first courses (primi piatti), second courses (secondi piatti), sides (contori), desserts (dolci) and fruit (frutta). There is also a chapter dedicated to pizza and focaccia. The index in the back of the book, makes it easy to search for recipes containing a specific ingredient. There are also black pages for readers to make their own notes on ways to improve the recipes.

222 ricette facili della cucina italiana

222 ricette facili della cucina italiana (222 Easy Italian recipes), Vercelli, White Star, 2010.

Introduction by Michael White.
Text and photos provided by Academia Barilla.

Edizioni White Star - Vercelli

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