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Academia Barilla Principles

The Art of Italian Gastronomy

In our brand, “Academia” is written with just one c, as opposed to the Italian spelling of “Accademia.” This is no mistake. We derive the name of our company from the Latin word academia, which signifies a place dedicated to the arts, culture, and the diffusion of knowledge, a term that comes from the Greek school founded by the philosopher Plato.

Barilla chose this word deliberately to recall the classic definition of Academia and to convey the idea that gastronomy is not mechanical (consisting simply of cutting, cooking, and mixing), but is cultural. The diversity in a country’s cuisine does not exist solely in a list of recipes, but is represented in the identities of a country and its people, including both extraordinary cuisine and downright strange customs to an outsider. 

A country’s cuisine exists in the memories of their people and in those who have passed along their food knowledge and wisdom for centuries. Oftentimes transforming “poor” or marginal ingredients into masterpieces of taste and good health.

All of this is what is “hidden” behind the absence of a second c. This single letter character is what gives Academia Barilla its own identity and character.

Our pledge

  • To defend and safeguard Italian food products made by reputable artisans and certified denominations from poor-quality imitations
  • To promote and spread the understanding of these products and their role in traditional, regional Italian cuisine
  • To develop and support Italian gastronomy by investing in the restaurant industry’s understanding and application of Italian culinary philosophy

Our philosophy

  • Value of the diversity and richness of Italian products
  • Research and development of high qualitative standards
  • Importance of educating people about taste, by means of our cooking courses, gourmet food tours, and line of Academia Barilla products

Our operation

  • Exceptionally High Quality Products: Academia Barilla’s products are made with the best ingredients and support local artisans, regional differences and innovation, while maintaining the most genuine traditions
  • Interdisciplinary Education: a team of Academia Barilla chefs are on staff to educate culinary enthusiasts and professionals, using an interdisciplinary approach to Italian cuisine
  • Custom-designed Services for the Restaurant Industry: we offer a package of exclusive services and business consulting based on the needs of the modern restaurant industry

Our services

  • For gourmet food lovers: the not-to-be-missed opportunity to work alongside Academia Barilla chefs, allowing you to improve your kitchen techniques in practical, hands-on cooking classes
  • For restaurant professionals: practical and theoretical culinary demos based on new kitchen techniques, use of ingredients, traditional, regional Italian cuisine and culinary creativity and innovation
  • For companies: business consulting services meant designed to improve profitability and keep you updated on industry trends