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222 Easy Recipes of Italian Cuisine. Pizza, Focaccia, Bread & co

Pizza, Focaccia and Bread uses the invaluable experience from the Piedmontese baker Giovanni Gandino together with Academia Barilla Chef Mario Grazia.

These recipes offer that unmistakable aroma of freshly-baked bread in all its variations, from basic breads to loaves paired with special dishes, boasting an array of truly creative breads that incorporate infusions, aromatic herbs, vegetables, legumes, and fruit. This recipe collection also goes beyond bread, including crackers and grissini; traditional, regional specialties like the Roman piadina and Pugliese taralli; a selection of Italy’s endless pizzas, from the famous Margherita to the novel Taleggio cheese and Bresaola from Valtellina; and finally the delicious Italian focaccia in forms both soft and crispy, from well-known Genovese focaccia to the more obscure kamut focaccia.

Find delicious gluten-free recipes, helpful tips, and historical and cultural elaborations.

 Pizza, Focaccia, and Bread. 222 Easy Recipes of Italian Cuisine

Pizza, Focaccia and Bread.
222 Easy Recipes of Italian Cuisine.

Edited by Academia Barilla, 520 pp. 2012.

White Star Editions - Vercelli