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Italy's Great Chefs and Their Secrets

The journey through Italy, where beauty and taste meet (get together)

Getting to know the Italian cuisine means to understand a great number of dishes different from one another; every regional cuisine has its own characteristics and features and you’ll find in each of them much more than simply food as the entire culture and history of each region is poured into its culinary art.

Italian cuisine is not just about spaghetti and pizza, since its roots are much deeper.
The book, created by Academia Barilla, which is an institution founded to promote typical products of the Italian gastronomy, is dedicated to whoever wants to understand the secrets of the true Italian culinary art – the one based on the regional dishes – with a deep respect for tradition but conscious of the evolution of taste.

The lively and bright interpretation of tradition through the hands of thirty young Italian chefs, selected by Academia Barilla: each one of them explains the history, the strengths, the products and the traditions of their own regions of origin and renovates the recipes in light of their own professional experiences.

Every one of the chefs illustrates, together with to the images of food specialized photographer Lucio Rossi, how to prepare the most famous and palatable recipes: the tortellini emiliani, the cod fished filled zucchini blossom, the piedmontese “bunet”, and so on.
A journey from North to South, from the mountains to the sea, divided into thirty sojourns as many are the strong local gastronomies which stand out in Italy, and which not always correspond to the administrative Italian regions.

In this work is given ample space to the ingredients, to the peculiar and specific products, where the colours, the history and the monuments of each land enter into the kitchens to melt the sight and taste into a unique and intense emotion.


Italy's Great Chefs and their Secrets

Italy's Great Chefs and Their Secrets.

Edited by Academia Barilla, 503 pp. 2009.
Preface by Guido, Luca and Paolo Barilla, Gianluigi Zenti, Mario Batali, Paul Bartolotta.
Photos by Lucio Rossi.


White Star Editions – Vercelli