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Desserts. 100 easy italian recipes

Italy has made a major contribution to the development of the art of pastry-making, thanks to a dessert technique that has its roots in the past, in healthy and varied ingredients and in the inheritance of great professionals who laid down the canons of how to prepare desserts.
Academia Barilla, the international center of excellence, involved in the safeguarding and promotion of Italian gastronomic culture and traditions, has gathered together in this volume book 100 of the tastiest, loveliest and most original sweet and dessert recipes. Thanks to the precise and very useful instructions from the master pastry-bakers of the Academia Barilla and the detailed illustrations, readers will be able to produce simply and quickly recipes that are strictly traditional or are reworkings of the Italian classics, from cakes to ice creams, from mousses to cookies, from creams to semifreddi. Starting from the basic ingredients anyone will be able to venture into preparing their own desserts for a meal with family or friends or for a special occasion.