Valdostana Style Fondue

Fondue Valdotaine

Our Chef’s recipe to serve the regenerating melted cheese, according to the Valle d’Aosta tradition.

  • Time

    50 minutes

  • Difficulty


  • Course

    Second Courses

  • Italian Region

    Valle d'Aosta


Servings 4


30 minutes preparation + 20 minutes cooking

Slice the fontina cheese and place it in a container to rest overnight, covered with some milk.
When preparing fondue, melt the cheese soaked in milk in a saucepan at bainmarie (not allowing the water to boil) with beaten egg yolks. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon until you have obtained a thick cream.

Serve the fondue in terracotta bowls with slices of toasted bread and slices of white truffle at pleasure.

Alternatively, you can use the typical fondue pot with its heater at the table, and allow each diner to dip pieces of toasted bread into the pot using long stem forks.


The Valdostana fondue has its origins in the Swiss traditional fondue, but it differs from it for the presence of the egg yolks, instead of wine or liquor.
A testimony of the history of fondue in Italy (also combined with truffles) is found in the “Trattato di cucina, pasticceria moderna, credenza e relativa confettureria” written by Giovanni Vialardi (1854).
Whichever the recipe, one of the secrets to a good preparation is to melt the cheese fondue at a temperature not above 60° C, and use a ceramic pot, cast iron or copper with a thick bottom (caquelon), which can be then  easily placed on a hot plate to keep the fondue warm and of the right consistency.

The fondue used to be consumed by the Valle d’Aosta's richest families, who inserted the recipe in their cookbooks including elements of culinary traditions from different countries (in this case Switzerland).
The poor’s diet was principally made of cabbage, rye bread, chestnut, with only a few milk derivatives (and only products from its last possessing).

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