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  • Valle d'Aosta - a landscapeValle d'Aosta in tavola

    The Aosta Valley is tucked away in the Alpine region of northwestern Italy. The local foods and rich dishes have been greatly influenced by the culinary traditions of neighboring France and Switzerland.

  • Trentino Alto Adige - food productsTrentino Alto Adige in tavola

    This mountainous region in northeastern Italy is known for its dramatic views and hearty foods like canderli and speck.

  • Veneto - A landscape of VeniceVeneto in tavola

    The Veneto is a large stretch of land in northeastern Italy, leading up to the Dolomites and east to the Venetian lagoon. Fish, cheese, rice, and polenta reign supreme.

  • Basilicata - landscape of MateraBasilicata in tavola

    Basilicata is a mountainous region in southern Italy, nestled between Apulia and Campania. Garlic, olive oil and pepperoncino appear frequently in the regional soups, pastas and sausages.

  • Salama da sugo ferrareseSalama da sugo ferrarese

    For over five centuries, Salama da sugo (a pork sausage) has been the hallmark of the salumerie (salumi stores) in the city of Ferrara.

  • Salame FelinoSalame Felino

    Salame Felino is a pure pork salame from Felino, a small town located in the green Baganza valley, full of forests where herds of pigs were raised in an ancient past.

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