• PeperoncinoPeperoncino

    Originally from central South America, Capsicum annuuum is a plant that grows in temperate to hot climates.

Some Traditional Italian Products

  • Coppia ferrarese IGPCoppia Ferrarese IGP

    Coppia Ferrarese is a type of regional bread from Ferrara. Today, the bread is shaped like an "X", and is made from two long pieces of dough, knotted together and twisted at its four ends.

  • Speck IGPSpeck IGP

    For a long time, the word speck referred to lard, from the Latin lardum, meaning the fat part of the pig.

  • Asiago DOPAsiago DOP

    Asiago is a type of sheep’s milk cheese. Information about Asiago production dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was primarily produced in the high plains near Asiago, in northeastern Italy.

  • Ciliegia di Vignola (MO)Ciliegia di Vignola (MO)

    Around 150,000 quintals of cherries of 150 different varieties are produced in Italy each year.

  • Pane carasauPane carasau

    Pane carasau is a traditional Sardinian flat bread, unmistakable for its thin, crispy sheets. Because it has a long storage life, the bread was used by sheepherders during the long periods they spent taking care of their herds.

  • BottargaBottarga

    Bottarga is cured mullet or tuna eggs. The fish eggs are preserved inside the fish’s egg sack.

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