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  • estate2.JPGLonging for Summer

    Eating healthily and lightly without giving up flavour: a cardinal principle of the Mediterranean diet.

  • Liguria - Cinque Terre landscapeLiguria in tavola

    Liguria is located along Italy’s northwestern coast. Steep hills covered with fragrant herbs and colorful vegetables lead down to the fish-filled waters.

  • Piemonte - a landscapePiemonte in tavola

    There is nothing like Piedmont in the autumn. A dense fog blankets the mighty vineyards and the aroma of white truffles and creamy pastas fill the air.

  • Trentino Alto Adige - food productsTrentino Alto Adige in tavola

    This mountainous region in northeastern Italy is known for its dramatic views and hearty foods like canderli and speck.

  • Tuscany - a landscapeToscana in tavola

    Tuscany is located in central Italy. The strong, yet simple flavors of Tuscan cuisine are a product of outstanding local ingredients.

  • NdujaNduja

    Nduja is a Calabrian sausage traditionally made from pork trimmings. Its name most likely comes from the French word andouille.

  • Lardo di Arnad DOPLardo di Arnad DOP

    Lardo di Arnad was originally made in homes throughout the lower part of the Aosta Valley. The lard came from domestically raised pigs that were fed chestnuts, grains and vegetables.

  • CiauscoloCiauscolo

    Ciauscolo is not your typical Italian sausage. It has the texture of a paté and is eaten spread on a piece of bread.

  • Prosciutto di Norcia IGPProsciutto di Norcia IGP

    Prosciutto di Norcia can be made is two ways: the ancient or modern method. The ancient method was codified at the end of the Roman period.

  • Prosciutto di San Daniele DOPProsciutto di San Daniele DOP

    It should have a sweet and aromatic flavor and can be served with bread, mild fruit, like melon or figs, and slightly aromatic white wines.

  • Mortadella di Bologna IGPMortadella di Bologna IGP

    To serve, mortadella can be sliced by machine or cut into cubes and eaten as an Italian antipasto together with breadsticks and crackers.

  • Capocollo di Calabria DOPCapocollo di Calabria DOP

    Made from the top part of the loin from specific pigs that weigh no less than 300 lbs and are at least 8 months old

  • BBQ MarinadesBBQ Marinades

    • Time

      1 hour

    • Difficulty


    • Course

      Second Courses

    Enjoy these tasty Italian marinades for grilling this season! Whether you enjoy savory or sweet, you’re sure to love one of these masterful marinades.

  • Lamb with ArtichokesLamb with Artichokes

    • Time

      1 hour and 40 minutes

    • Difficulty


    • Course

      Second Courses

    • Italian Region


    Check out our Chefs video recipe for this succulent dish.

  • Bresaola dalla Valtellina IGPBresaola dalla Valtellina IGP

    Bresaola della Valtellina is salted and slightly aged beef that is can be eaten raw.

  • Salame FelinoSalame Felino

    Salame Felino is a pure pork salame from Felino, a small town located in the green Baganza valley, full of forests where herds of pigs were raised in an ancient past.

  • Prosciutto di cinta senese  Prosciutto di cinta senese

    Prosciutto di Cinta Senese owes its sweet, slightly gamey flavor, oily fat and aroma to the heritage Italian breed of pig called “Cinta Senese” used to make the prosciutto.

  • Coppa piacentina DOPCoppa Piacentina DOP

    Coppa Piacentina is produced in the Arda Valley near Piacenza. It is made with a big, round cut of pork that runs from where the shoulder meets the neck to the fifth-sixth rib of the carré.

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