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Pacciûgo Ice Cream

  • 15 minutes
  • Easy
  • Desserts and Fruit
This traditional Ligurian gelato is a fusion of vanilla and chocolate, pieces of fresh fruit, and swirls of fruit syrup and whisky.

Ingredients: Per 4 servings

  • 1 half cup whisky
  • 7 oz vanilla ice-cream
  • 7 oz chocolate ice-cream
  • 7 oz fresh fruit
  • 4 tablespoons raspberry syrup, or strawberry syrup
  • 8 dark cherries


This is an ice-cream prepared in the Tigullio and Paradiso Gulfs of the Liguria region.

Take 4 bowls and add a little whisky to each one. Add the frozen cream, chocolate ice-cream, fruit in pieces. Add the fruit syrup and some black cherries in syrup, which should lie on the bottom.

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Food History

Pacciûgo gelato was created in a caffè founded in 1924 that looks out on the Piazza Portofino in front of the Gulf of Tigullio: the Caffè Excelsior.
Founded by Lina and Santin Repetto, the caffè became one of Portofino’s most well-known locales in only a few years thanks to Baron Freddy De Thierry, who revealed the secrets of the American Bar to Repetto.
During the War, Lina began combining big servings of whipped cream, fruit syrup, and granita, creating an indulgent gelato that was destined to become “il paciugo.” When asked by a client what the gelato was named, Lina Repetto responded, “u lé un paciugo,” or “it’s a messy concoction.” From that moment, the name held.
The Caffè Excelsior was named a Historical Place of Italy.

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