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  • Chef at workCorporate Responsibility

    Artisanal products, Education and Innovation

  • Original Italian TasteAcademia Barilla Principles

    The Art of Italian Gastronomy

  • Academia Barilla HeadquartersAcademia Barilla Headquarters

    A state of the art facility in the heart of Parma

  • Eggplant rolls with prosciutto and pecorino cheeseEggplant rolls with prosciutto and pecorino cheese

    • Time

      30 minutes

    • Difficulty


    • Course


    • Italian Region


    In this seemingly sophisticated recipe, the lightness of the Prosciutto Crudo is paired with the strong flavor of the Pecorino.

  • Piemonte - a landscapePiemonte in tavola

    There is nothing like Piedmont in the autumn. A dense fog blankets the mighty vineyards and the aroma of white truffles and creamy pastas fill the air.

  • Lombardia - the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano)Lombardia in tavola

    Located in northern Italy, Lombardy stretches up towards Lake Como and down to Milan. The region is home to many rich, regal dishes like golden risotto alla Milanese.

  • Veneto - A landscape of VeniceVeneto in tavola

    The Veneto is a large stretch of land in northeastern Italy, leading up to the Dolomites and east to the Venetian lagoon. Fish, cheese, rice, and polenta reign supreme.

  • Tuscany - a landscapeToscana in tavola

    Tuscany is located in central Italy. The strong, yet simple flavors of Tuscan cuisine are a product of outstanding local ingredients.

  • Umbria - a landscape of AssisiUmbria in tavola

    The rolling hills of Umbria are covered with olive trees and flocks of sheep. The local olive oil and sheep’s milk cheeses are served with the region’s famous lentils and prosciutto di Norcia.

  • Marche - a landscape of UrbinoMarche in tavola

    The Marche region lies along Italy’s central Adriatic coast and is home to great culinary traditions, like steamy fish soups, and plump meat-stuffed olives.

  • Molise - a landscapeMolise in tavola

    Molise is a small region in southern Italy. The use of sheep and sheep’s milk was brought down from the Abruzzo, while pasta and fish preparations migrated north from Puglia.

  • Campania - Naples landscapeCampania in tavola

    Running along the gulf of Naples and Sorrento, Campania is home to picturesque towns and strong cultural traditions. The food of Campania is based on inexpensive ingredients, like pasta, herbs, vegetables and the fish – when it is comes time to splurge.

  • Puglia - Castel del MontePuglia in tavola

    Apulia, the heal of the Italian boot, has miles and miles of coastline. Fish and seafood accompany the staples: bread and pasta.

  • Basilicata - landscape of MateraBasilicata in tavola

    Basilicata is a mountainous region in southern Italy, nestled between Apulia and Campania. Garlic, olive oil and pepperoncino appear frequently in the regional soups, pastas and sausages.

  • Sicilia- a landscapeSicilia in tavola

    The vibrant flavors of Sicily reflect the island’s colored past. Citrus, swordfish, tuna, cappers, cuscus and cannoli are all Sicilian strong points.

  • Sardegna - a landscapeSardegna in tavola

    The crystal clear waters of Mediterranean surround the mountainous island of Sardinia. The cuisine of the rugged interior contrasts dramatically from the seafood prepared along the coast.

  • Bronte pistachiosPistacchio di Bronte

    Bronte pistachios are an essential ingredient in many Sicilian desserts. The pistachios are used whole or as a paste to make torroni, cassate and gelato.

  • NdujaNduja

    Nduja is a Calabrian sausage traditionally made from pork trimmings. Its name most likely comes from the French word andouille.

  • Pane di AltamuraPane di Altamura

    Pane di Altamura is one of Italy’s most well-known regional breads. It is made with hard wheat flour, grano duro in Italian, which is cultivated in the northeastern part of the Murgia region of Apulia.

  • Focaccia genoveseFocaccia genovese

    Ligurians are considered master focaccia makers, just the way Napoletans are known as the most knowledgeable and skilled pizza makers.

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