Anne of Austria

Valladolid, 1601 – Paris, 1666

Life and History

Anne of AustriaPrincess Anne was the daughter of Philip III, king of Spain. She married Louis XIII for political reasons and became the queen of France in 1615. Her marriage was certainly not a happy one. Cardinal Richelieu, the King’s advisor, did not like Anne and it is said that she plotted against him. She was even accused for treason for her secret correspondence with her brother, the King of Spain.

After 23 years, she gave birth to the future Louis XIV and Philip d’Orléans. Anne was given regency and custody of her children upon her husband’s death, despite the Cardinal’s best efforts. She named Cardinal Mazarin her chief minister, who was believed to be a close friend of hers. Despite the revolt of the aristocrats during the Fronde, Anne was able to stay in power and pass the regency on to her oldest son.

Anne was a food lover, especially of the type of Italian-influence cuisine of Catherine and Marie de' Medici. She loved pasta, as did the Cardinal who was from Abruzzo. According to French culinary historians, Mazarin was the largest consumer and promoter of pasta in France.

The recipe

Anne of Austria Maccheroni

Queen Anne had a number of Italian chefs at her service to prepare pasta. They created a pasta dish in her honor that is called Maccheroni alla Anna d'Austria still to this day. The dish is made with braised chicken, placed on a bed of Italian maccheroni and seasoned with grated truffles and foie gras. To top it all off, the dish was served with pastry dough stuffed with chicken giblets and shaved truffle.


  • chicken stewed
  • maccheroni
  • liver
  • truffle

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