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100 years in two menus

"In an evolving Italy,
even one’s diet changes with the quickly shifting styles, customs, conventions, procedures and languages. The hours, places, rhythms and pauses change. Times and cooking techniques change. The hands, together with the taste, of whoever is still working in the kitchen change."
Piero Camporesi

One can follow the course of history through food

The rich collection of historic Italian menus acquired by Academia Barilla give us the opportunity to do just that.
The possibility of historical analysis inspired us to compare elegant menus, created almost a century apart, to see how tastes change, even with the face of a carefully codified protocol.

In order to correctly analyze the two menus, it is necessary to quickly review one hundred years of Italian history.

From the Menus to the Kitchen

Drawing from the Academia Barilla Gastronomic Library, it is possible to discover recipes for the dishes listed on our historic menus. 
Look for the recipes in books printed around the same time as the menus.
This is a fun way to enter into the culinary world and discover how rich it truly is.
Menus go beyond their simple, practical function and become testimonies of an age and its flavors.