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Corporate Responsibility

Artisanal products, Education and Innovation

Academia Barilla Artisanal Products

Our team of Italian food experts research and select products worthy of the Academia Barilla stamp of approval. Our products are the best Italy has to offer.

All the ingredients that go into our products are carefully controlled and selected. They all must meet quality-insurance tests defined by our team of chefs, restaurant professionals and food experts.

What we do

We actively support producers and local food companies in order to promote and protect Italian DOP-certified products by means of long-term partnerships.

We improve productivity and increase the access of small-scale food companies to reach national and international markets thanks to our experience and commercial distribution platforms.

We dedicate time and money to the research and development of DOP products.

We respect artisanal products, made according to tradition, and at the same time we promote innovation.

We guarantee the quality of the ingredients and production methods of all Academia Barilla products.

Academia Barilla Education

Academia Barilla chefs are selected based on their skill and experience, recognized at the national and international levels.

We encourage our renowned kitchen staff to train and inspire young talent by fostering a sense of responsibility and professionalism.

What we do

Every year we host and teach the top students from all of the hotel schools for a period of two months. We consider it an investment in the future, giving young students the opportunity to work alongside our chefs.
We trust that these young chefs will develop, promote and spread authentic Italian Gastronomic Culture in the future.

Academia Barilla Initiatives

Academia Barilla is a part of the Parma Knowledge Network and loyal supporter of IAMA (International Food and Agribusiness Management Association).

What we do

The sustainability of the food industry and the reduction of carbon gasses are important global issues. 
We actively participate in international networks comprised of companies, researchers, managers, politicians and stakeholders, which propose new strategies to address intensive farming and the production of biofuels.

This is work Academia Barilla truly believes in.