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My Historic Menu

Academia Barilla now offers you access to its treasured historic menu collection. There are 50 menus to choose from for your next special occasions or simple dinner party among friends.

Sign in to your AB Account and select "My Menu" from the dropdown menu:

Register to this interactive service on our website and you can begin creating your own menu with your favorite recipes and template.
After registration, you can create your personal book, with your selection of recipes from Academia Barilla collection or your own new recipes.
Choose the order of your courses, then preview and print your menu. Your selection is certain to add a special touch to your next event. To add a recipe, select "Add to My Menu" at the beginning of each page.
Your selection will be always ready to use.

You can print your customized historic menu and use it for your events.



1. Choose one historic menu template: click on the image to enlarge and then select the one you like best.

2. Use your mouse to drag the Academia Barilla recipes onto the menu. They will automatically position themselves from appetizer to dessert. You can the order of the dishes or add your own recipes if you like.

3. Once you have completed your menu, check out the preview to make sure the menu is to your liking.
You can make changes to the recipes and template at any time, and then return to the preview.

4. Once you have finished, you can download and print your menu.
Place a copy on the table for yourself and each of your guests.


Sign in to your AB Account

Not registered yet? Sign up now and enjoy!