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Cooked shoulder ham

  • 8 hours
  • Difficult
  • Second Courses
Giuseppe Verdi was a “farmer” (as he called himself) from the Parma Lowlands, he loved the land and he loved the fruits his land bore so much that he took them along in his journeys or had them shipped to him. He loved in particular a typical product of the Lowlands, he gave it as a present to his most intimate friends with fond instructions for “use”: Pork shoulder ham to be cooked before eating.



Before cooking the shoulder ham, according to the Maestro’s instructions, it is necessary “...reduce the salt content...” by soaking it in warm water for two hours.

After that, place the shoulder ham into a pot, large enough for it and fill the pot with water; bring it to the boil and cook over a gentle heat for at least six hours. Leave to cool in its own cooking liquid, then take the shoulder ham out of the pot, dry it and it is ready to serve; . The Maestro particularly liked this dish when still hot.