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Open pages on tastes

Books are silent and discreet secret keepers of the human experience.Even culinary text books and general printing had and still have the fundamental task of transmitting culture and innovation. For this reason Academia Barilla has equipped itself right from the beginning with a rich gastronomic library, which can be consulted even from the web site. And it’s for this reason that Academia Barilla presents the literature works - coherent with its mission – which better recount the richness and variety of the Italian gastronomic culture. After careful consideration by a team of experts, “Open pages on taste” selects  among a number of editorial proposals the most significant for the cultural value, so to create in time an “ideal” book shelf on the Italian gastronomic culture.

The Authors or Editors can send their publications which will be chosen from the editorial office to be reviewed in this space at the following address:
43121 PARMA.

All publications received will nevertheless be notified in the column and will get to be part of Academia Barilla’s Gastronomic Library, and therefore viewable by Teachers, students and by the public.