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Thanksgiving Menu

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a menu of special Italian recipes chosen
especially for you by our team of Academia Barilla chefs.

Our chefs have selected the best regional recipes for your Italian-style Thanksgiving! Try stuffed Capon this Thanksgiving instead of Turkey and give thanks the Italian way!

The first menu they have put together is composed of some of the most traditional dishes from various regions throughout Italy. From Sicily to Naples to Piedmont, our recipes will allow you to discover the flavors of the Italian peninsula.

The second menu is dedicated to those of you who want to celebrate Thanksgiving without meat, but with plenty of flavor. You are certain to be satisfied with our bruschette, baked crepes and cassata recipes!

Meat Menu


Fried Mozzarella – Mozzarella in Carrozza
A lively Italian appetizer and a great way to start off your Thanksgiving dinner!
Neapolitan-style lasagne
Add a little bit of Italy to your Thanksgiving with one of the most famous Neapolitan recipes.
Stuffed capon
A delicate and flavorful meat course, filled with the best Italian products.
Apple Fritters
An indulgent dessert for who wants to finish their Thanksgiving dinner with joy!


Vegetarian Menu


Sauteed wild mushroom bruschetta
One of the most famous Italian appetizers around, this recipe for bruschetta is enriched with a delicious mushroom sauce.
Crepes with Treviso radicchio
Crepes, bechamel and radicchio will bring Italian flavor to your Thanksgiving.
Stuffed Sicilian Style Peppers
This festive vegetarian recipe will give a touch of originality to your meal.
Cassata siciliana
Directly from Sicily, this indulgent cake recipe is a great way to end your Thanksgiving, in true Italian style!