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Olive bread

  • 25 minutes
  • Medium
  • Bread, focaccia, pizzas


  • 1 lb all-purpose flour
  • 1 oz fresh yeast
  • 7 oz black olives, small
  • salt


Mix flour with fresh yeast, warm water and a scant tablespoon of salt. Coat black olives in some flour then mix into the bread dough. Shape rolls and allow to rise for over an hour. Bake in a hot oven (400°F).

Consigli dello chef:

The quantities to prepare the dough here indicated could slightly vary according to type of flour you will use. So keep some extra flour and water aside, in order to add them to the dough when necessary to gain the right consistency, which is a smooth and elastic dough, easy to clean off the hands and the working table.