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Indoor Parties

It’s cold outside so bring the party indoors!

The Academia Barilla Chefs have selected for you three menus with Italian recipes. If you like fish, pasta, meat or vegetables, don’t worry: you will find your favorite dishes and prepare a fantastic indoor party.
Don’t forget to celebrate with sparkling wines!

Seafood Menu

MusselsMussels au gratin
A wonderfully flavorful appetizer.
Mozzarella SkewersMozzarella Skewers
Mozzarella and bread skewers flavored with a buttery anchovy sauce.
Pasta Spicy pasta with fish
A pinch of chili makes this fish dish even more appetizing.
Sea bass Sea bass baked in salt
Salt-baking is one of the more traditional ways to cook fish, allowing you keep the flavor of the fish and enrich it with classic Mediterranean herbs.
Brutti ma buoniBrutti ma buoni
Brutti ma buoni are a traditional type of Italian cookie made with almonds and vanilla.

Meat Menu

OlivesStuffed olives
Ascoli olives are traditionally served in Italy as both a pre-meal aperitivo or a mid-day snack.
Mousse Prosciutto Mousse
Fresh and airy, this savory mousse has a satisfying, light flavor.
TagliatelleTagliatelle with Bolognese sauce
This classic meat sauce from Bologna, famous throughout the world, is best tossed with fresh egg pasta.
DuckDuck Breast with balsamic vinegar
A holiday classic, Italian-style.
This is a video demo for one of the most well-known and decadent Italian desserts.

Vegetarian Menu

Topped with only garlic and oil, this is the most simple and rustic version of the famous Italian appetizer.
MozzarellaMozzarella and celery salad
Light and mouthwatering.
GnocchiPotato Gnocchi
Famous throughout the world, potato gnocchi are easy to make and can be served with a wide variety of sauces.
TomatoesRice stuffed tomatoes
This flavorful first course can be served either hot or cold.
SaladParmigiano Reggiano and Pear salad
A fresh and healthy Italian salad that also tastes good.
CapreseCapri chocolate cake
Traditionally made on the island of Capri, this cake has a wonderful aroma of chocolate and almond.