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How to caramelize


  • 5 oz water
  • 1 lb sugar
  • 7 oz corn syrup



  • Small saucepan or saute pan
  • Cooking thermometer
  • Kitchen brush

Step 1

Put the water, sugar and corn syrup into a small saucepan and place on the heat.

Caramelizing - step 1

Step 2

During the cooking, clean the sides of the pot with a we brush to keep the sugar from burning.

Caramelizing - step 2

Step 3

Bring up to 150°/ 155°C  or 300/310°F .

Caramelizing - step 3

Step 4

At this point, stop the cooking of the sugar by immersing the pan in a bowl of cold water.

Caramelizing - step 4

Step 5

Dip whatever you want to caramelize in the liquid caramel, turning it so that it is evenly covered. Place caramelized ingredients on a sheet of parchement paper.

Work as quickly as possible so that the sugar doesn’t cool down and crystalize.

The same procedure may be used for both fresh and dried fruit. Fresh fruit, however, contains water that may cause the caramel after a short time.

Caramalized fruit can be stored in tin boxes or sealable glass containers. Add salt to the container to absorb humidity.

Caramelizing - step 5


Caramelizing - step 6