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Academia Barilla Courses

Personalized cooking and product tasting courses for professionals and food lovers

Academia Barilla cooking courses were born out of our desire to promote and develop Italian gastronomic culture.
Our courses are innovative in approach, but traditional in content.

Our video: Cooking Classes

For professionals

Specially designed for restaurant chefs looking to improve their craft, Academia Barilla’s professional cooking classes are quite advanced, and best-suited for people with kitchen experience.
We are happy to accept passionate home cooks, as well.

Academia Barilla offers a wide range of professional cooking classes for you to choose from
We are also happy to custom-design courses to meet your culinary interests and deepen your knowledge of Italian gastronomy.

All of our classes are taught by professional Academia Barilla chefs, and include

  • Cooking classes based on the active participation of the students
  • Professional product tastings
  • An introduction to food pairing
  • Lessons focused on technical kitchen skills
  • Cooking classes based on regional, traditional and innovative Italian cuisine
  • Information on Italian Gastronomic Culture
  • Ideas for Menu design 

All of our courses are held at the Academia Barilla headquarters, located in the heart of Parma. Our facility includes:

  • 18 kitchens for practical exercises
  • a multifunctional bread, pastry and pizza kitchen, complete with a wood-burning oven
  • a tasting lab dedicated to the development of one’s senses
  • an extraordinary Gastronomic Library

For food lovers

Our amateur cooking courses are highly recommended for individuals, small groups and couples who wish to: 

  • learn the basics of the culinary arts from Academia Barilla chefs
  • attend cooking classes and product tastings in order to deepen their knowledge of Italian gastronomy
  • satisfy particular culinary interests or improve one’s technique in personalized classes

Course offerings:

For more information contact us.