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Certification Program

Academia Barilla for all the Italian Cuisine Ambassadors of the world
Academia Barilla has developed a brand new Certification Program for all Culinary Institutes, Chefs and professional trainers around the globe, with the precise objective of promoting and defending the authentic italian cuisine.

The Certifications

Academia Barilla created three degrees of Certification for the Italian cuisine ambassadors:

Fundamentals of Italian Gastronomy (F.I.G.):

is a special program designed by Academia Barilla for Culinary Institute and Universities abroad with the aim to certify the structure, equipment, and the program on the fundamentals of Italian cooking which are organized for the students, consumers, and gourmet enthusiasts.

Certificato di Proficiency in Italian Cuisine (C.P.I.C.):

It’s the first international recognition dedicated to chefs, Italian and foreigners, who have successfully exported and developed Italian cuisine in other countries across the planet, thus becoming the true Ambassadors of the Gusto Italiano.

Italian Cuisine Master Chef (I.C.M.C.):

It’s an honoris causa award dedicated to professionals chefs from all over the world for their outstanding achievements in spreading the true Italian cuisine.