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Certificate of Proficiency in Italian Cuisine (C.P.I.C.)

The certificate of qualification for professional chefs and culinary professionals
who perpetrate authentic Italian cuisine in the world
It’s the first international certification dedicated to Italian and foreign chefs with demonstrated theoretical and practical competencies to become the ambassador of the authentic Italian Cuisine.
Save the date!
The next CPIC session is the 11th - 19th of September 2016


To enroll for the exam the candidate must have a minimum 3 year experience working in restaurants, 2 of which must be in an Italian restaurant:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Attach a presentation letter from one of our ICMC to increase credibility to your application
  • Participate to the Preparatory Course to reach more credits for your final exam


For those who acquire the certification

  • Possibility to boast a prestigious credential with honorary value, as well as high professional recognition
  • Ability to network globally with other top ranking certified professionals.

In case of unsuccessful outcome, the participant is automatically admitted to the next exam session.

FIRST DAY: Interviews and Theory

The first test consists of a written essay and a brief introductory interview with the Board of Examiners.

Principal topics of the exam:

  • General knowledge on the values of Italian cuisine
  • The Mediterranean diet and its ingredients
  • Detailed knowledge of the Italian Regions and their cuisines
  • The Italian meal and regional recipes
  • Pasta, rice, meat and fish
  • Regional breads
  • Desserts and gelato

SECOND DAY: Practical assessment

The second day involves a culinary evaluation of the preparation of a complete meal for the Board of Examiners.
The Board will evaluate the techniques and experience presented by the candidate, which will have an impact on the final assessment.

Board of Examiners

The jury is composed by Food historians, journalists and experts of Italian food and wine.


Preparatory course

The week before the exam session, chefs and candidates have the unique opportunity to attend a full immersion course on regional Italian cuisine with focus on traditional recipes, tasting products and wines.
With this course the candidate will be prepared on the specific topics of the exam and will gain additional credits for the final evaluation.