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Sauro Lino (I.C.M.C.)

It may seem surprising for some, but one of the top chefs in Singapore specializing in South Italian Cuisine Chef Lino Sauro spent a good 10 years of his life as a chef without a liking for his profession.

Born in Sicily, South of Italy, young Lino started cooking at the age of 15.
To him then, it was simply an occupation which would get him out of the house and enable him to do what he loved best – travelling.

His work subsequently brought him all around the world either just travelling and also experience new food and cultures during he had chance to enter in contact with top notch chefs – some of whom were Michelin-starred.

There, he gained valuable experiences and deeper insights into the culinary world and started to developed an appreciation and love for the art of cooking. With an unquenchable penchant for further knowledge, he delved deeper into the subject by exchanging pointers with fellow chefs and by reading culinary books.

That’s why he likes to be defined a “ self-taught” chef.