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Santi Alessandro (I.C.M.C.)

Over 20 years of experience in hotelerie industries, worked in London, Melbourne, Luxembourg, Miami,Monaco, Myanmar, Indonesia and now in China.

Michelin Stars experience with Chef Paolo Vai (2 Michelin stars) Chef Alfio Fascendini (1 Michelin star) Chef Fabio Ridolfi (1 Michelin star); looking always forward for innovative techniques without loosing focus on taste and authenticity of the dishes.

Cook authentic Italian and Mediterranean inspired dishes with a drive, passion and commitment, honest and simple approach to cooking ensuring the natural flavours and textures of what I prepare shine on the plate; devoted time and energy to my staff and products, ensuring authentic and original foods from their natural source and using these excellent quality items to train, teach and mentor my teams.

Using the best available seasonal products at the height of their ripeness and freshness to reflect my heartfelt love for food and life. Never compromise quality!