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Piva Aira (I.C.M.C.)

When I was a child and the people keep asking me: “what do you want to do when you grow up?” my answer was: I want to be a chef!

I am a lucky man.
I am a chef now and My enthusiasm blossomed even more after 24 years working in the kitchens around the world.
In Italy, We have an amazing cultural and culinary heritage and I like to consider part of my duties to bring our authentic Italian cuisine and culture of “vivere e mangiar bene” around the world.

My career was a little unusual. Since I was in the hotel school, I started to work very young and when I was 20 years old I was chef de cuisine in a hotel in Maldives. I worked in Africa, USA, Cuba, Asia, Spain, France and Greece. In every place that I have been, I tried to teach my “know how” to the cooks and to transmit my passion to the customers by my cuisine. I am proudly a GVCI member. I strongly believe that organization such GVCI and Barilla Academy are the best way to defeat the wrong conception that most of the people outside of Italy have of the Italian cuisine, and promote the authentic Italian food. Passion, authenticity, tradition, innovation, creativity, technique and studies, commitment and again passion.

These are for me the key words to describe a modern chef. Every day I try to practice those words being a better chef.