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Patruno Domenico (I.C.M.C.)

Born and raised in Bisceglie, Chef Domenico Patruno’s cooking is inspired by the region’s reliance on fresh ingredients and simple recipes to prepare culinary creations packed with natural flavour.

“I always keep my food elegant, uncomplicated, appealing to the eye and flavoursome”.

His native cuisine includes dishes that make generous use of vegetables, beans, and meat and fish – arising from the culinary tradition of a region that has both “sea and mountains,” and guests at Nolita Italian Restaurant can look forward to such influences in his cooking.

With a diploma as Chef from the Istituto Alberghiero, Chef Domenico has worked in Italian restaurants in his homeland and several prestigious properties abroad, including working as a Italia chef de cuisine at the renowned Prego Italian Restaurant In the Westin Hotel Shanghai and as Chef de Cuisine in the Grand Hyatt Santiago in Chile, Sous chef in Princess cruises at Sabatini’s Restaurant.

When not cooking up traditional Italian delicacies, Chef Domenico leads an active life – partying, watching football and tennis and travelling.

“I love meeting people of different cultures. I think in this profession, you always have the opportunity to go around the world.” Chef Domenico’s adventurous spirit has brought him to open is restaurant where he is keen to work with the team here to run a successful kitchen.

“A good chef in my opinion possesses experience, passion, and a love for the food and his job. I respect my team and co-workers as it is of utmost importance to try and help each other to make sure the guest in the restaurant is satisfied”.

“A good chef should be able to help his team in matters of cooking and ingredients, and why not? even about life.”