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Falsini Massimo (I.C.M.C.)

I love action, transformation and coaching not just the static figure of the Chef supervising a kitchen.

In the same way, I love to express my personality in my dishes; this is my way to keep the quality standard and to make the guest come back again and again. I believe that the Chef is the person who can transfer his product knowledge on the dish he is preparing and make the guest feel it through his character, sensibility and technical capacity. My knowledge comes from the flavors and richness of the Italian landscape and the culinary development begin between the sun and the sea of the Amalfi Coast, following of the Mediterranean changes of the seasons, cooking as cooks have been doing for thousands of years. Italy, where the sea meet the sky, between enrapturing landscapes, atmospheres and aromas, the gastronomic experience become alive. My cuisine comes from the gardens and the cliffs that overlook the sea and rise to the mountain, a land of travelers, farmers and aristocrats open to the cultural influences that makes the final product unparallel. The scent of the basil, the sour linger of the citrus and the fiery red of the tomatoes let the dishes be bright, and intense in their simplicity. While I am playing with the combination and adapting a pristine selection of raw ingredients the harmony takes form.

I am proud to come from the “land of the Myth” from the poverty of the inaccessible areas and the kiosk of the street food, to the courts of the aristocrats travelling around the world like my ancestors, a little gold thread holds me to my native land to a tradition that I live and I elaborate day after day through the virtues of a Chef that evokes, with modernity, forgotten taste.

My last achievement was the development of the Ferrari World food & Beverage programme. Before opening La Plage Resort in Taormina – Isola Bella – a 5 star boutique resort in the paradise. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a dream become true. A truly commitment to the excellence of Italian product and creativity.

The best was brought from Italy including a full 100% organic Italian product menu for children first in the world of theme park.

We truly changed this industry as we shown the world that quality, respect of tradition and culture can be achieve along with financial results.