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Brocca Francesco (I.C.M.C.)

Born and brought up in the medieval village of Mestre, just outside Venice, I started my career in a one Michelin star restaurant “Valeriano”, famous for typical Italian seafood cuisine. Later, realizing my dream, I opened my own restaurant, Antica Trattoria La Speranza.

I quickly achieved notable success and decided to sell out, in order to pursue my other dream of undertaking a culinary adventure that would see I working around the world Since leaving Italy in 1993, I have traveled widely, Prior to joining Cavalli, I was Executive Chef and partner at Goccia restaurant, in Hong Kong where I oversaw food planning, preparation and creative promotion initiatives.

Before I was the Executive Chef at the renowned Sabatini, Hong Kong’s top performing Italian restaurant in the Royal Garden Hotel. In all this years of my carrer I try to mantain always in all the restaurant I worked the real traditional Italian grastronomy and Culture with some personal touch.