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Boschero Fabio (I.C.M.C.)

Hilton Curaçao Resort Executive Chef, Fabio Boschero was recently named Master Chef of Italian Cuisine by the Academia Barilla. 

The Master Chef of Italian Cuisine designation is reserved exclusively for chefs who have distinguished themselves with professionalism and by preserving and developing authentic Italian cuisine. The recognition is awarded to chefs working outside of Italy who master Italian cuisine and are bound and inspired by its traditions, as well as those who comply with strict criteria, including: extensive experience; employment in an Italian food service operation; constant contact with Italy by participating in training courses and documentable exposure to authentic, quality Italian cuisine and trends; and a demonstrated and proven commitment to respect the fundamentals of Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean diet.

The beachfront Hilton Curaçao resort, located at the Piscadera Bay, boasts two white sand beaches and is set on 23 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds.