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Bernardini Silvia (I.C.M.C.)

January 2009 – today: Consulting and speaker of History of Italian Gastronomy in the Radio Program of Mr. Eduardo Sansores en el Grupo FM multiradio – Veracruz. And special guest of different radio and TV shows as expert of Italian cuisine in Mexico. Organization of the first International Day of Italian Cuisine in the State of Veracruz for the Gruppo Virtuale Cuochi Italiani, organizing press conferences for the event in the capital, Mexico City and Veracruz, coordinating the event for the Italian Institute of Culture and the Italian Embassy.

September 2009 – today: Teacher of Creative Italian Cuisine at Istituto Veracruzano de Alta Cocina, and trainer of young professional chefs.

September 2008 – today: Teacher of Italian and Mediterranean Cuisine –with an historical and anthropological approach to the true experience of Italian Cuisine in all its aspects. Instituto Culinario de Veracruz Professional School at university level.

August 2008 – today:  Founder of the first Slow Food Convivium in the State of Veracruz and organizer of Farmer’s Markets with small producers of the area, as well as consultant of small farms for the production of artisanal mozzarella and goat and sheep cheeses Italian style for the use of my restaurant.