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D´Antonio Marino

There is a relatively small segment of Italian Chef around the world that can produce and truly live the Italian Vibe in their culinary art; Italian Chefs, who seem to be able to transfer their Italian soul into their presentations and combine them with the passion of an artist, thus producing the finest of Italian cuisine in a natural tantalizing taste, which pleases the very fine palates One of them is Marino D’Antonio born in 1972 hailing from the picturesque Lombardian city of Bergamo acclaimed by many as the most beautiful city of north Italy. Raised in a family of historical restaurateurs, Marino earned his Master diploma at the S. Pellegrino Terme Culinary School. In 1989 he also received his diploma from ALMA the new Culinary Academy of Pama end he is a member of La Chaine des Rotisseurs FIC, GVCI and CIM, all Italian state recognized associations. Marino’s career as Chef de Cuisine started off in 1999 working alongside well known Italian Michelin Star Chef like Luciano Tona. His culinary journey commenced in Moscow and time equal to Monte Carlo for the openings of the trendsetting GQ Cafés. In 2005, Marino was asked by SILVERSEA, nowadays defined as the most elegant cruise line in the world to open La Terrazza, the first Italian Restaurant on board these luxurious vessels. China came to Marino long before, Marino finally came to China in 2006 where he opened at The Presidential Hotel “Sophia’s – Per IVostri Momenti Italiani, Beijing’s first Italian Restaurant in the West of Beijing. Now, Marino is THE VIBE of SURENO’s the most vibrant and exiting Mediterranean Restaurant in town. Since Marino’s has taken the helm of the Culinary Team at SURENO’s the restaurant received numerous prestigious awards including the Best Restaurant 2009 Best Mediterranean 2010 And Best High end Italian Restaurant award in 2011